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The Full Story

About NurtureID8

The idea of NurtureID8 emerged from a collaborative discussion between two experienced researchers and academics in the field of information systems - Dr Caroline Khene and Dr Hafeni Mthoko. Our experience with students in two different continents (Africa & Europe) highlighted the challenges research students face in their research journey - we especially identified this among international students.  

The Problem

Digital Transformation continues to become a trend globally, impacting industry in different ways. As a result, many study disciplines have begun to incorporate it in a transdisciplinary sense, where digital transformation is not only limited to computing fields, but now impacts other areas such as health, government, education, business, natural sciences, etc.

With the growing need for research and study in the field of digital transformation, we have found that students and emerging researchers struggle with articulating their experiences and desires for research in the field. Even though we appreciate this challenge may resonate in general with students globally, we have identified that students from emerging economies are still left behind. How do we elevate their opportunities as they experience their research learning journeys in the field of digital transformation?

A variety of valuable programmes exist to support the learning journey of the researcher, however, these have often been limited to group/workshop sessions - despite the unique needs of individual researchers. A 1-on-1 approach tailored to individual needs is required to ignite the capabilities of individual researchers, to reach their full potential. Online research support provides a platform to engage with researchers globally, and share knowledge and guidance that is not easily accessible to all.  


We do not aim to dictate research for the researcher, but rather provide them with capabilities to establish their research journey and niche, that is either contextualised to their country/region, or aims to challenge the global norms around the interpretation of digital transformation in different spheres. This will enable them to communicate and engage more effectively with experts or other researchers in the field, and eventually industry and government.



To elevate researchers in the social science of digital transformation, through comprehensive and personalized guidance that supports researchers in developing innovative research projects and making meaningful contributions to the advancement of knowledge.


Enabled researchers that address contextualized challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in emerging economies.

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